Spark2Life provide group mentoring sessions to help steer students away from risky behaviours and/or criminal activity. Group Mentoring sessions are delivered in schools and PRU’s. The sessions last 1-1.5 hours and cover a range of personal development topics aimed at helping young people to review, re-think and develop both their behaviours and relationships. 

If you are interested in any of these services please go to the contact tab and submit a request to discuss this further through general enquiries. We are happy to obtain references on request.

“Importantly the YP said they did not feel they were being judged. Evaluation assessments after sessions showed an increase in how YP scored their self-confidence and resilience.”

Lucy Southwood, Senior Education Officer for Children in Care, VSK East Kent

Enfield Community Safety

In support of the Borough’s initiative of reducing youth crime within Enfield, we look to develop the students’ engagement in school. We also provide information and support on where young people can receive help outside of school while also educating them on potential “at risk” situations.

 Spark2Life are widely known within Enfield schools for our work with students who come from a broad variety of social and cultural backgrounds. We take time to build strong working relationships with the students to ensure that their message is heard and felt. 

Part of this project is to deliver AQA accredited sessions to groups of 12-15 students on a weekly basis. Each session covers the following: aspirations, communication (how to avoid conflict and understand triggering behaviour), being aware of gang culture and red flags to aid them in avoiding exploitation, the importance of having a positive impact on community and leaving a legacy, prejudice (tackling bullying), how to analyse and become risk aware and lastly, self-awareness.

Mayesbrook Park School

Spark2Life offers Mayesbrook Park School (alternative provision school based in Barking and Dagenham) 2 full school days of mentoring where an experienced Spark2Life practitioner delivers one to one sessions with students who have been identified as young people who display misunderstood behaviours. The Spark2Life practitioner mentors these students addressing issues around education, behaviour, motivation, gangs, self-esteem, communication, leadership, CSE and substance misuse. 

Virtual School Kent

Spark2life deliver assemblies and workshops for young people who are at risk of exclusion, criminal exploitation, sexual exploitation, suspected drug/alcohol use and gang behaviours. These young people will have been previously identified by VSK (Virtual School Kent). Spark2life provide specialist youth workers who travel to East Kent to provide support through assemblies and workshops that help raise awareness of gang culture, involvement and consequences. Spark2life also liaise with each school to discuss exact needs and objectives that the provision should address and work towards.

Schools Work

Primary Schools

Primary Schools Assemblies to Year 6 students that highlight the risks and consequences of gang involvement or association.

Secondary Schools

Assemblies on conflict mediation followed by 6 sessions delivered to a group of students. Any students flagged up as a concern can be offered 1:1 mentoring.

Pupil Referral Units (PRUS)

6 –10 week projects focused on emotional intelligence. Dynamic and creative sessions constructively challenge student’s negative attitudes and behaviours.

27 schools
Spark2Life Practitioners have delivered group & 1:1 sessions across 27 London schools
310 1:1 mentoring sessions
delivered this academic year
32 group mentoring sessions
delivered in schools this year

*2019-2020 Academic Year