Wholistic Mentoring Training

Get the training you need, to be a mentor.
Wholistic Mentoring Training

I feel equipped to be a mentor

As part of our work we offer high level Wholistic Mentoring training to volunteers who wish to help our young people in the community and are interested in making a direct impact on their lives.

Through Wholistic Mentoring, our aim is to effectively assess young people's decision making processes and help identify patterns of negative behaviour, in an effort to endorse the ethos of Spark2Life and positively impact young people’s lives. In turn these personal changes will contribute to the reduction of serious youth crime.

If you’re interested in becoming one of our volunteer mentors make sure to contact us now!

Below are some references our trainees sent in to their tutor after finishing the wholistic mentoring training.

I really enjoyed doing the Spark2Life’s Wholistic mentoring Training, so much so my husband has also been on it. It gave me an excellent insight into behaviours and how a person’s strengths “and weaknesses” can be useful in mentoring and supporting young people. It also helped me further understand not only myself but the behaviours of others around me. I feel equipped to be a mentor as the course was very in-depth and it was just the right length. I thought you were an excellent tutor and I admired your openness and honesty within the classroom environment. You really did put us at ease.
I’ve mentored for a number of London charities so when I applied to be a community mentor with Spark2Life I thought I knew what to expect. Spark2Life’s training really exceeded my expectations and is the most in-depth, practical and enjoyable mentor training I’ve experienced. Mentoring is so important for young people at risk of going down the wrong path who may not have trusted role models in their lives. The training provides practical steps to support young people to grow, get rid of limiting beliefs and shift their identity and self-esteem so they can reach their full potential. The underlying philosophy of the training is that to be a good mentor and support a young person to become more self-aware, you have to first be able to look inside yourself. The training offers a toolkit of exercises and strategies to mentor young people, supporting you to get to know yourself better in the process. The environment is fun and supportive and I would recommend it to anyone interested in mentoring!
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