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training services

To create lasting change, we need to ensure all young people are cared for by adults who are trauma-informed, and systems that are responsive to their social and emotional needs. As part of this, we work with parents/carers, professionals and volunteers to ensure that they are well equipped, so that young people can receive the support they need.

parent champion programme

Our Parent Champion programme aims to equip and empower parents when it comes to supporting their young people around behaviour management while also providing help to those who require social, emotional and mental support regarding parenting. The project is comprised of three strands:

  • A parent support programme where parents with lived experience are trained and supported to be Parent Champions who will then provide support and training to other parents on how to navigate the education system, school exclusions and how to advocate for their children.
  • A father’s programme where our trained Champions provide community-based support and training specifically for fathers to ensure they too have the support and information required to navigate educational systems.
  • There is also a Parent Champions forum where Champions work alongside schools and the local authority to feedback themes from the parent support programmes to challenge and influence practice.

AQA Accredited Wholistic Mentoring training

We offer high level AQA Accredited Wholistic Mentoring training to professionals and volunteers who wish to help our young people in the community and are interested in making a direct impact on their lives.

Through this training our aim is to effectively assess young people's decision making processes and help identify patterns of negative behaviour, in an effort to endorse the ethos of Spark2Life and positively impact young people’s lives. In turn these personal changes will contribute to the reduction of serious youth crime.

trauma awareness training

Spark2Life deliver Trauma Awareness training sessions and webinars for professionals and for parents, business owners, faith leaders and adult members of the community who want to improve their relationships and interactions with young people. By raising awareness of how trauma and different life experiences affect behaviour we increase our capacity to empathise with others, equipping ourselves to have better relationships.


  • Aims/ Objectives of the Trauma Awareness Training:

    • Introduction to the concept of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
    • Examine Trauma Aware Practice
    • Explore triggers that can result in challenging behaviours
    • Offer a framework that enables collaboration with children and young people
    • To promote relational interactions and kindness
  • Our Trauma Awareness Training can be delivered as either a half day or full day of training.

Interested in one of our training programmes?

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If your organisation is within a borough where the Ubuntu project is running, you may be able to access the training for free - enquire for more info!