Group mentoring sessions, 1:1 sessions & assemblies for schools.

sessions & assemblies

In the last five years, Spark2Life Practitioners have delivered assemblies, group mentoring & 1:1 sessions in 112 schools across: 6 London Boroughs and 3 other County Boroughs including Essex, Kent, and Buckinghamshire.

1:1 mentoring sessions

1:1 mentoring sessions develop both the emotional intelligence & emotional literacy of the mentees while raising their self-awareness and furthering their personal development.

“Feedback from the students was really positive. They really enjoyed the sessions and turned up every week without being reminded (they kept coming back to ask me if the sessions would be continuing after they had finished!). We hope to be able to have more sessions with you in the future.”
- Susan Willoughby (Pastoral Support Manager/Deputy Southgate School)


Assemblies can be delivered in schools on either:

  1. Consequences - encouraging self-awareness, thinking through responses and raising awareness of consequences.
  2. Exploitation - raising awareness on the dangers of drugs, how gangs operate and the risk to serious youth violence.

Students flagged up as a concern can be offered 1:1 mentoring.

"S2L visited my school and year 9s last week; S2L was AMAZING from start to finish. The workshops and assembly were all interactive, inclusive and S2L totally captivated their audience of 200 14 year olds hanging on their every word!
Would highly, highly, recommend!!"
- Ashley Amrina Mahmood, Royal Harbour Acadmeny

group mentoring

Group Mentoring sessions can be tailored for delivery in schools, PRUs and prisons. The sessions last 1-1.5 hours and cover the consequences of being involved in gangs, how to manage conflicting situations and aspirational sessions around living for purpose.

"The presentation from S2L was amazing, giving the young group of girls a more in depth/ real perspective on what could happen when taking the wrong path or making an uninformed decision.
Overall I found that the students were enthused by the visit and keen to have S2L participate in other activities, such as football at lunch time and join in one of their Maths classes to see how the Young people interacted in a different environment."
- Helen O’Dwyer Child in Care Lead, Ursuline College

Schools Work

Primary Schools

In Primary Schools we can deliver assemblies to Year 6 students that highlight the risks and consequences of gang involvement or association.

Secondary Schools

In Secondary Schools we can deliver assemblies on conflict mediation followed by 6 sessions delivered to a group of students. Any students flagged up as a concern can be offered 1:1 mentoring.

Pupil Referral Unit

In PRUs we can deliver 6 –10 week projects focused on emotional intelligence, these dynamic and creative sessions constructively challenge student’s negative attitudes and behaviours.

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Spark2Life Practitioners have delivered group & 1:1 sessions across 20 Primary Schools and 92 Secondary Schools.

2018 - Present
1:1 mentoring sessions

Students supported

Through mentoring sessions led by Spark2Life Practitioners.

2021-2022 Academic Year
Group mentoring sessions

Students reached

Through assemblies led by Spark2Life Practitioners.

2021-2022 Academic Year
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