High Level Mentoring

High Level Mentoring

We currently deliver high-level mentoring in the London boroughs of Barking & Dagenham, Havering, Lewisham and Redbridge. 

Our high-level mentors work with medium to high-risk young people and young adults referred to our service from Early Help, Social Services, Youth Offending Services or Probation. 

Spark2Life support each referrer with their most complex high-end offenders.  To reduce the potential of re-offending, we deliver intensive mentoring and casework, particularly around education, training and employment (ETE). 

All referrals must meet the risk level around youth violence for our intervention. This means that the young people and young adults we work with have often been involved in violent or serious crime and may have experienced missing episodes – they too are often victims. 

Through holistic mentoring our aim is to effectively assess our clients’ decision-making processes and help identify patterns of negative behaviour in an effort to positively impact young people’s lives. In turn these personal changes will contribute to the reduction of serious youth crime. 

Our Impact

86.5% voluntary engagement rate
across Havering & Redbridge programmes.
79% of young people
who engaged with the programme in Havering did not reoffend.
80% of young people
who engaged with the programme in Redbridge did not reoffend.