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By supporting us you can become a key player in ensuring children and young people affected by violence, and their families can access the life-saving tools and coping skills to thrive.
  • 14,420 children are at risk of harm through criminal exploitation which can lead to serious violence affecting young people.
  • On average, 42 pupils are excluded from school every day, putting them at higher risk of criminal exploitation and lower educational outcomes.
  • Young people (aged 15 – 19) are the most likely to be stop and searched by police and if you are black, you are almost ten times more likely than white people. 
But it doesn’t have to be this way!
Spark2Life is determined to make sure that all children and young people have a safe and nurturing life. We work in schools and the community to prevent criminal activity, tackle exclusion, reduce racial disproportionality and increase emotional resilience of young people (11+yrs) affected by violence.
By donating to Spark2Life you are choosing to partner with us in creating positive change for the young people we work with.

Jay had suffered numerous traumatic experiences since the age of 15 years, when he was criminally exploited. For years he was affected by violence and he repeatedly became a victim of serious physical assaults. Jay’s relationships with his family were not good, as his mother and sister did not know how to best support him.  

At the age of 17 years he was referred for support to Spark2Life where he got to meet his caseworker: a young man who has lived experience and according to Jay “he could understand what I was going through; it was easy to trust him”. The caseworker was there to create a safe space and help Jay find ways to practically keep himself safe. They worked together for nearly one year, during which Jay was guided to choose a life free from crime. It was not an easy journey: during the first few months he was hospitalized after a life-threatening knife attack. His caseworker was by his side during his recovery and while Jay was navigating through the criminal justice system. Jay was supported to desist from avenging. With time, his caseworker helped Joy to feel nurtured and want to explore the impact that trauma had on his emotional wellbeing.  

The caseworker offered advice and consultations to Jay’s mother, who reported: “Spark2Life had a positive impact on my son, especially because the caseworker was at his side during the tough times in court and hospital.”  Jay enjoys spending time with his mom and his sister and he found ways to feel have quality time with them.  

Jay is now attending Spark2Life’s counselling support while he is getting trained to become a mechanic for cars. His caseworker is helping him to increase his employability skills and find a suitable role. 

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