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Our Vision,
Mission, and Values


Spark2Life strive for a world in which young people and those who face injustice are empowered and equipped to make positive, productive life choices that enable personal and community growth. 


Spark2Life is a community-inspired black led initiative that empowers and advocates for people by giving them the tools to successfully navigate key aspects of life to reduce and prevent the risk of offending. We exist to Prevent Harm & Promote Life.

Through therapeutic mentoring we guide, challenge and/or affirm people’s values, beliefs, behaviour, and reasoning – wholistically helping them develop their capacity to independently manage life successfully.

We partner with communities and professional networks to ensure young people get fair process and reasonable regard especially where systemic injustice is evident.


1. Hope

Through working together we aim to present SMART goals so those we support can reach and achieve what they do not have but need to become their best selves.

2. Transformation

Offer new perspectives of thinking that influences a person’s behaviour.

3. Love

To offer unconditional positive regard and to show the outworking of our love through acts of service especially for those deemed less deserving due to their offending history.

4. Justice

A wholistic person centred approach to justice. People may be dually convicted, but we need to make sure they are not un-fairly treated and sentenced.

5. Integrity

Our action must match our words and we must speak from a place of truth and honesty seasoned with love and compassion.

6. Forgiveness

Forgiveness can be hard to give and at times receive but carries so much power that when processed can lead to true freedom. If we want to receive forgiveness, we must learn to offer forgiveness.

7. Well-being

Looking after oneself is important and rest is a necessity. Self-awareness and finding a healthy​life rhythm is key to physical, emotional, and mental well-being. We seek to foster an environment that is supportive, accountable, and honest with ourselves and one another. We can only give out of what we have.

8. Advocacy

We are committed to speaking up and standing up for those we represent and advocate for and with. We are passionate when it comes to fighting for racial and social justice to address issues of inequality and equity.

Support your

Find ways to get involved that fit you and your lifestyle whilst also contributing to your local community, and others!