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Spark2Life is an initiative coming straight out of the heart of the urban youth culture.Spark2Life is an acronym for:
 Sharing Positive and Relevant Keys to Life, and is pioneered by Dez Brown a Youth Worker from East London.

 Spark2Life work with disaffected young people in prison, transitioning out of prison and in the community.
Our aim is to help eradicate crime and gang culture and give an opportunity to those transitioning out of a lifestyle of crime by encouraging a positive social and behavioural life style.

 Spark2Life are the Past Winners of the National Youth Justice Awards
Spark2life Vision Statement

The Vision of Spark2life is to reach, relate and equip children and young people to make positive and informed life choices in East London.

Our focus is local. Our direction is global.

We aim to help eradicate crime and gang culture and give an opportunity to those transitioning out of a lifestyle of crime by encouraging
 a positive social and behavioural lifestyle.

We achieve our aim through our mission: Helping people transition out of a lifestyle of crime and prison into a more positive lifestyle
for themselves and their communities.

What makes us different...

Our ability to impact the head and the heart of young people in this generation makes us different. We show them a role model,
and give them the autonomy they need to make positive choices and make a change in their generation.

The heartbeat of Spark2life  to become a body of cultural architects who can constructively invade secular space to create a different picture
to the young generation - especially those that are caught up in gang crime and criminal activity…
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From criminal to CEO…

From a young age Dez Brown was involved in criminal activity. By the age of 18 he had a powerful faith conversion and became a Christian. This conversion began the journey which has led us to where we are today. His shift in morality and perspective birthed his passion for working with people.

This passion has led him to work for 5 years with the homeless; interacting and supporting drug users and those who had fallen through the system and ended up on the streets. His experience and willingness to develop his interpersonal skills, put him forward for various pilots and initiatives that work with those entrenched in homelessness.

This became the springboard Dez needed to get involved in youth ministry in a church in East London, where he developed a strong leadership model empowering young adults to become
"Community Communicators".

Fast forward 13 years to 2006, after leading a dynamic youth ministry for so long and developing a strong sense of community engagement; Dez was approached by a police inspector who recognised within him an ability to share his own experience and relate the consequences of his past to the actions of the youth today.

In 2007 an initiative called Spark2Life was born. The impact that the school sessions Dez had been delivering had caused such a stir amongst the youth that Spark2life won a national Youth Justice Award for ‘Outstanding contribution in tackling youth crime’. Spark2Life began to shape a model around emotional intelligence, emotional literacy and paradigm shifting scenarios.
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